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Bleacher Service and Repair

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How safe are your gymnasium bleachers?  We can restore your bleachers to like new condition.

We carry all the necessary parts and equipment to do the job correctly in the shortest time possible.

Our standard bleacher services include:

  •           Cleaning all debris from under the bleachers

  •           Lubing and oiling all moving parts

  •           Replacing all missing nuts, bolts and hardware

  •           Checking casters and rollers (or replacing, if necessary)

  •           Adjusting all sections to a 90 degree position

  •           Adjusting bleachers to wall

  •           Weld all pieces of understructure as needed

  •           Replacing bleacher boards

  •           Motorizing existing bleachers


We offer complete inspection of your gym bleacher seating.  We will provide you with written report for needs for repair and maintenance. We provide repair and service to all brands of gym bleachers. We also stock a variety of discontinued bleacher parts and hardware.  Also available various sizes and lengths of used bleacher boards.
We provide installation of all types of Interkal bleacher systems.  Also work with Hussey, Folding Bleacher Co. and many more.